A little bit


I’m a twenty-something-year-old graphic designer and visual artist, working and smirking in Melbourne. I’m either drinking coffee, thinking about drinking coffee, or both.

I’ve always been a visual person. I tried my hand at photography for several years, gradually moving from “what does this button do?”, to converting half my house into a studio and being invited to exhibit in galleries across the world. And that was amazing, but it rarely crossed the line from “pretty” to “purposeful”. So when I started designing educational resources for Minds Wide Open in 2016, it changed the game for me.

Suddenly I started seeing my work enter the lives of real people. As we expanded to helping every 1 in 10 teachers in the state, I saw my designs add value not only to my company, but the industry itself and everyone within it.

I had found the intersection between form and function, the spot that satisfies each side of my brain. The technical and the aesthetic. The practical and the passionate. The side that likes to make things and the side that likes to break things. That woke me up better than Melbourne’s best coffee could.

I just want to explore, to try new things, to set my own limits. I like to have an honest conversation, a wild imagination, and roll it all into something that matters. If you want to do the same, we may just be the perfect fit!