Step Up Sound

December 2019

Step Up Sound helps dancers and dance teachers find the perfect track for their routines, even if it doesn’t exist yet.

By selecting, editing and enhancing music to fit the choreography - not the other way around - they provide the perfect accompaniment for those who chase perfection.

To let the content take centre stage, the visual identity needed a super minimal approach. Anything superfluous was a distraction, so the branding was distilled down to its bare bones: black and white.

Black invokes feelings of power, luxury and control. White brings purity, elegance and sophistication. A monochrome palette also allows for the possibility of Step Up Sound to enter the wedding market, traditionally visualised using black for a groom and white for a bride.

The logo itself draws from these ideals and doubles down with subtle references to dance and music. The flowing ribbon symbolises movement and expressive form, while the 4 lines resemble the 5 lines of sheet music without being too “on the nose”.

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